Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

The Institute’s Library and Archive

Books, pamphlets, online resources

About the Institute’s Library

The Library of the Institute for Independence Studies contains books, pamphlets and other material such as leaflets and posters from the labour and international solidarity movements in Britain, mostly dating from the 1970s to 1990s, as well as other material relating to social and national emancipation from many parts of the world, including Ireland, India, Chain, Korea, and the Middle East.

The Institute is in dialogue with a cataloguing agency and is drawing up a plan to issue a grant or grants to researchers in library studies or other relevant fields to create a catalogue, which will be made available on this website. These grants will be publicly advertised, but inquiries to the Institute are welcomed at any time.

In particular, an exhaustive check will be made to discover if any of the pamphlets, or even some fo the books, are not found in the British Library, the British Library of Political and Economic Science, and other national collections and will aim to make these items available to researchers in digital form.

Once catalogued and partially digitalised, the Institute’s library is bound to be a valuable informational resources for researchers into relevant fields of interest.