Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

Academic Program


The Institute’s academic program – progress and future plans.

The Institute and its precursor organisations have for many years conducted activities which have had as one of the outcomes to establish independence studies as a recognised field of academic research. It aims to further this work in a number of ways:

1. Establishing formal academic partnerships.

The Institute aims to establish an international network of formal academic partnerships, and to achieve recognition in academic circles as the country’s  leading centre for research and study of ideologies of national and social independence, as defined in the Institute’s Statement of Principles.

2. Organisation of academic activities and events.

The Institute aims to build further on its long experience in the organisation of conferences, seminars, and the exchange of academic delegations, for example by hosting visiting delegations from socialist and other countries.

3. Initiation and funding of research projects.

The Institute aims to take forward its experience and contacts in the academic world to source funding from government and other funding bodies for research projects.

4. Publications, website and other online activity.

The Institute aims to make its publications more widely available online, as well as exploring other means of online social media.