Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society


Pathways to Xi Jinping Thought

Reminiscences by veterans of friendship and solidarity with China.

Forthcoming: May 2023

The socialist countries today constitute the collective leadership of the international working class and progressive movements, and Xi Jinping Thought is, in terms of scale and impact on global affairs, currently the most influential ideology emanating from within those countries. It is consequently a matter of clear and evident significance for socialists in this country, no less than anywhere else in the world, that we explore ways in which progressive people can be drawn into closer study and understanding of this immense ideological resource.

In addressing this task one has to confront hitherto unanswered questions. Indeed, as long ago as 1981, during my first visit to China, as I recall in slightly more detail later in this volume, a comrade from the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China observed, in the course of our discussions, that: “We deeply feel that the question of how to make a revolution in the countries of Western Europe remains an unanswered one.”

Over the ensuing decades we have sought to formulate an answer to this question, and I believe that this publication constitutes a significant contribution to that task. For these testimonies of some long-term friends of China, who have travelled though such diverse political and ideological territory over the years and decades, nevertheless each in their own way demonstrate the universal applicability of Xi Jinping Thought in confronting the great task of unifying and ideologically arming socialists and other progressive people.