Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

Grants & Bursaries

The Institute offers up to 3 bursaries per year and works with University colleagues to provide Grant advice.


The Institute offers up to 3 bursaries of £3000 each year for research into ideologies of social and national emancipation, as well as for bibliographic and archival tasks relating to the Institute’s library.

The bursaries are publicly advertised through the normal academic channels and awarded by open competition. But applications or applicants are welcome to contact the Institute at any time with project proposals.


The Institute works with its academic colleagues in the University of Westminster and elsewhere to provide advice and guidance to researchers from overseas on applications for grants from government and other sources, and for placements in universities in Britain. It would be hoped that, during the period of research, such researchers would deliver papers at seminars, etc., organised by the Institute and other relevant learned institutions.