Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

Aims and Objectives of the
Xi Jinping Thought Study Group


19 August 2020


The aim of the Xi Jinping Thought Study Group of the Institute for Independence Studies is to study and propagate Xi Jinping Thought, that is, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, with a view to learning the lessons Xi Jinping Thought which are of universal significance for the understanding of the new era in general and whose study and propagation can consequently contribute powerfully to the vitality of the intellectual, academic and cultural life of this country,

In the furtherance of its tasks, the Xi Jinping Thought Study Group will organise and fund conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, lectures, study classes, policy forums, roundtables and other intellectual, academic and political events, social receptions, concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, theatrical performances and other academic, cultural and social events that can further the understanding of Xi Jinping Thought in this country.

The Study Group will establish formal partnerships with other academic, cultural, political and other relevant organisations engaged in furthering the understanding of Xi Jinping Thought both in this country and internationally, through exchange of delegations, jointly organised conferences and seminars, joint publications, and other means of mutually supportive interaction.

The Study Group will encourage all progressive and peace-loving organisations to take similar steps to establish their own Xi Jinping Thought Study Groups, and will provide relevant advice and exchange of experience whenever requested.

The Study Group will encourage, foster, undertake, commission and/or support research into any aspect of or related to Xi Jinping Thought, for example by directly providing research grants or by advising and sponsoring applications for grants within the university system, and will also award prizes and other financial support to persons involved in any aspect of the study or promotion  of Xi Jinping Thought .

The Study Group will enter into constructive discussion with individuals and organisations engaging in business, NGO operations, political, cultural and other activities and events in China and other countries where furthering the understanding of Xi Jinping Thought is of mutual benefit, will provide relevant advice where this may assist them in developing their contacts and presence in relevant business and wider circles.

The Study Group will cause to be written and/or print, reprint, publish, reproduce, sell, circulate, distribute, import, gratuitously or otherwise, books, periodicals, pamphlets and other hard copy and electronic publications of the writings of Xi Jinping and publications of relevance to the study of them.

The Study Group will in particular sustain constant information and propagation of speeches and other writings and statements by Xi Jinping on the website of the Institute for Independence Studies, including in the form of Press Releases to ensure the attention of the media in this country, and on the occasion of the publication of major works by him, will organise press conferences, social receptions, and other events that can contribute to wider understanding of Xi Jinping Thought.

The Study Group will maintain an information base consisting of archives, books, pamphlets and e-resources on the website of the Institute for Independence Studies relating to the study and propagation of Xi Jinping Thought, including extensive links to other relevant internet resources published by domestic and international news agencies and academic and other institutions.

The Study Group will work to encourage the application of Xi Jinping Thought to political and other public debates in this country, and for that purpose ensure that this is communicated to different audiences in a variety of formats, for example by encouraging letters to the press and radio and television interviews in such a way as to influence public opinion on issues of current public concern in this country and internationally.

In all these activities, the Study Group will draw on the experience of the Institute for Independence Studies in campaigning in favour of international friendship and peace initiatives, experience which has included the exchange of delegations, the organisations of press conferences and meetings in Parliament and elsewhere, the organisation of conferences, seminars, social receptions and touristic and cultural activities for visiting delegations, and other activities which can in future contribute to the understanding and propagation of Xi Jinping Thought .

The Study Group will monitor and address in a creative manner issues of academic independence and freedom of speech relating to the study and propagation of Xi Jinping Thought, so as to promote friendly, mutually advantageous and constructive discussion and debate, and will advise, consult, assist and where necessary campaign on behalf of organisations and individuals engaged in the study and propagation of Xi Jinping Thought, for example in applying for visas, gaining access to media outlets, speaking locations and other academic and cultural facilities.

The Study Group will establish advisory panels of personalities prepared to provide public advice and encouragement to its activities, consisting, for example, of academics, politicians, journalists, businesspeople, cultural and social personalities and other informed persons, to consult and advise the Study Group on its various fields of activity, as a means of the Study Group developing wider expertise and contacts, and, in the case of high-profile individuals, as a means of gaining publicity, and thus to further the scope, scale and impact of its activities.


Organisation and Constitution.

Arrangements for the organisational structure of the Study Group will be discussed by a Preparatory Committee, which will meet at an early date, and the proposals of this Preparatory Committee will be presented for ratification at the Study Group’s Inaugural Meeting, which will be called once these proposals have been formulated and agreed.

These organisational proposals will address such issues as: membership application and approval; possible arrangements for the development of a wider network, for example by provisions for associate membership, organisational affiliation, etc.; the establishment of officers, such as Patron, Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary; the incorporation of these officers into an Executive Committee, etc.

The Study Group will draw on the financial resources of the Institute for Independence Studies for its initial activities, and will in future aim to raise funds from membership subscriptions, as well as inviting financial donations and support in kind from individuals, and organisations wishing to support the study and propagation of Xi Jinping Thought.

The technical and legal framework of the Study Group’s organisational framework will, wherever appropriate and applicable, follow the same provisions as those laid down in the Constitution of the Institute for Independence Studies, for example: provisions relating to limitations on private benefits by its officers; provisions relating to the delegation of organisational matters to individuals or committees of the Study Group; provisions relating to day-to-day management and decision-making; provisions relating to the calling of meetings, including an Annual General Meeting with provision for the presentation of resolutions and an annual statement of accounts; provisions relating to the rights and obligations of members, etc.





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