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History Papers Researh aims to makes available to researchers original documents, pamphlets, and other material not otherwise available for researchers, mostly covering the period since the 1970s.




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The Institute’s library and archive provide information and study materials on ideologies of social and national emancipation.


The Institute publishes books and pamphlets, including reprints of items of historical interest.



The Institute organises seminars, conferences, social receptions, press conferences and campaigning events to highlight particular issues of the day.



Xi Jinping’s concept of the ‘two integrations’
Xi Jinping’s concept of the ‘two integrations’

Speaking on behalf of Friends of Socialist China at a symposium at China’s London Embassy, Keith Bennett outlined Xi Jinping’s concept of the ‘two integrations’, showing that it is underlines and reinforces the position of Xi Jinping Thought as Marxism for the twenty-first century.

Institute Patron greets Chinese New Year
Institute Patron greets Chinese New Year

In an article for China Today, Keith Bennett writes: “British people from all walks of life and backgrounds have been increasingly taking Chinese New Year to their hearts. It has become part of our culture and calendar. This is one more reminder that Cold War hostility and bellicosity do not represent the interests of the people of any country and are therefore destined to fail.”

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Comrade Tongogara (born Danny Morrell), one of Britain’s staunchest and most outspoken supporters of Mao Zedong and friend of socialist China, passed away on May 11 2023. Born in Jamaica, he spent most of his adult life in north London, a life he devoted to the struggle for black liberation, socialism and communism, working tirelessly and supporting every progressive struggle. His belief in Mao’s concept and practice of the mass line made him...

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