Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

Keith Bennett

The Juche idea – the guiding idea of world revolution. Speech delivered at the seminar on the Juche idea organised by Mosquito Press in London. 23 March 1985.

Seminar on National Reconciliation. Called by the Institute for Independence Studies. 15 April 1988. 

Comrade Kim Il Sung is always with us. Commemorative address at the Seminar to commemorate the life and work of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung on the theme “For Global Independence”. London. 10 September 1994.

The United Front: an essential weapon in the struggle against imperialism 19 April 1995.


Other items

Hugh Goodacre. The Juche idea. Talk to the webinar organised by the International Manifesto Group on the theme: ‘Korea’s Struggle for Independence, Peace and Reunification’. 21 November 2021.