Research and study of ideologies of social and national emancipation and their application to conditions within imperialist society

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The Institute’s Library – Books

Catalogue entries for the Institute’s books will, where appropriate, be interlinked with those of the British Library, the British Library of Political and Economic Science at the London School of Economics, and other national collections and information bases which hold relevant material, with particular emphasis on ensuring the national availability of unique or rare pamphlets and other items where these are not otherwise available.

Initial surveys of some of the books in the library have already been carried out, including:
Interim short title lists of select books on the Labour Movement
  • Acland, Sr Richard M.P. 1940 Unser Kampf: our struggle.
    A Penguin Special. Penguin Books.
  • Arnot, R. Page [1920] Twenty years: the policy for the Communist Part of Great Britain from its foundation, July 31st 1920. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Bell, Tom 1937 British communist Party: a short history. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Bell, tom 1942 Pioneering days. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Bernal, J D 1952 Marx and Science. Marxism today Series 9. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Bernal, J D 1960 A prospect of peace  Lawrence and Wishart
  • Bernal, J D and others  1947 The communist answer to the challenge of our time.
    Thames Publications.
  • Black, Robert 1979 Stalinism in Britain. New Park Publications.
  • Bolsover, Philip 1953 America over Britain
  • Cato 1940 Guilty men Gollancz
  • Changing epoch series, 1-4.  1947 Birch Books Ltd [2 copies of 2]
  • Cole, G D H 1932  The intelligent man’s guide through chaos Gollancz
  • Cole, G D H 1937 The people#’s front Left Book Club. Gollancz
  • Cole, Margaret 1937The new economic revolution. Fact, 1 Fact Publishing ?
    [15 South Hill Park Gardens?]
  • Communist Party of Great Britain 1963 Executive Committee statements on the international communist movement
  • Communist Party of Great Britain. 1947 Britain’s plan for property.
  • Communist Review 1946, 1948, 1950 Monthly theoretical journal fo the Communist Party. 3 vols [appear complete though not checked] Other copies (unbound) are in SB14
  • Dash, Jack 1969 Good morning brothers! Mayflower Paperbacks
  • Dobb, M Maurice Marx as an economist: an essay. Marxism Today Series 1. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Flanders, Allan 1952 Trade unions. Hutchinson’s University Library
  • Fox, Ralph 1927 A defence of communism: in reply to H J Laski. Communist Party of Great Britain
  • Gallacher, William 1949 [1936] Revolt on the Clyde. New edition. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Gallagher, William 1951 Rise like Lions Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Golding, Louis 1938 [1939 reprint] The Jewish problem.
    A penguin Special. Penguin books.
  • Gollan, John 1937 Youth in British industry. Left Book Club Edition.  Gollancz
  • Groves, Reg 1975 The strange case of Victor Grayson. Pluto Press
  • Guest, David 1939 A text book of dialectical materialism Lawrence and Wishart
  • Hannington, Wal 1938 A short history of the unemployed. New People’s Library, vol. 15 Gollancz
  • Hannington, Wal 1938 A short history of the unemployed. New People’s Library, vol. 15 Gollancz [Another copy]
  • Hannington, Wal 1940 [1941 reprint] Industrial history in wartime. The Marxist Text Book Series no. 5. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Hilton, Rodney 1950 Communism and liberty. Marxism Toady Series 8.
    Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Hutt Allen 1942. British trade unions: a short history. Second edition. Marxist Text Book Series no. 7.Lawrnece and Wishart.
  • Hutt, Allen 19039. The final crisis. Gollancz
  • Hutt, Allen 1933 The condition fo the working class in Britain. Martin Lawrence.
  • Hyde, Douglas 1950 I believed: the autobiography of a former British communist. The Reprint Society London
  • Industrial Syndicalist. 1974. With an introduction by Geoff Brown. Documents in Socialist History, No. 3. Spokesman Books.
  • IRIS Industrial Research and Information Services Ltd [1957]
    The communist solar system. Hollis and Carter Ltd
  • Jackson, T A 1940 [1945 ed revised] Trials fo British freedom. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Jackson, T A 1950 Old friends to keep: studies of English novels and novelists Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Jackson, T A 1953 Solo trumpet: some memories of socialist agitation and propaganda Lawrence and Wishart
  • Johnson, Hewlett 1968 Searching for light: an autobiography .  Michaël Joseph.
  • Jones, G P 1939 Workers abroad. Thomas Nelson and Sons.
  • Kidd, Ronald 1940  British liberty in danger Lawrence and Wishart
  • Lewis, john 1944 Marxism and modern idealism. Marxism today Series 4.
    Lawrence and Wishart
  • Lewis, John 1970 The left Book Club@: and historical record. Gollancz
  • Mahon, John A 1938 Trade unionism. New People’s Library Vol 9. Gollancz
  • Marx House 1943-53 Educational Commentary. 4 page folded sheet issues twice-monthly. From 8 October 1943 to 13 December 1953. Seems a good set; not checked.
  • Montagu, Ivor 1940 The traitor class  Lawrence and Wishart
  • Montagu, Ivor 1952 Plot against peace Lawrence and Wishart
  • Morris, Max 1953 Your children’s future. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Morton, A L 1963 Socialism in Britain. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • New Left Review 1967-78 Only 3 issues: 45, 48, 63, 112
  • Owen, Henry 1946 Steel: the facts about monopoly and nationalisation.
    Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Palme Dunn, R 1933 Lenin. Hamish Hamilton
  • Palme Dutt, R 1927 Socialism and the living wage. Communist Party of Great Britain.
  • Palme Dutt, R 1942 Britain in the world front.  Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Paul, William 1974 ed. The state: its origin and function. Edinburgh: Proletarian Publishing.
  • Paul, Wm n. d. The state: its origin and function. Glasgow: Socialist Labour Press.
  • Plekhanov, G V 1940 [1941 reprint] Th role fo the individual in history.
    Lawrence and Wishart
  • Plekhanov, G V 1940 The materialist conception of history. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Pollitt, Harry 1940 [1950 reprint] Serving my time. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Pollitt, Harry 1944 How to win the peace. Communist Party.
  • Pollitt, Harry 1947 Looking ahead. Communist Party
  • Private XYZ 1937 I joined the army. Fact, 2. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Rader, Melvin 1939 No compromise: the conflict between two worlds. Left Book Club
  • Ramelson, Bert [1970] Carr’s Bill and how to kill it: a class analysis. Communist Party.
  • Rennap, I 1942 Anti-Semitism and the Jewish question. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Rothstein, Andrew 1966 A house on Clerkenwell Green. Lawrence and Wishart.
  • Rothstein, Andrew 1969 British foreign policy and its critics 1830-1950 Lawrence and Wishart
  • Silver, A.N. 1945 The reform of local government finance. Lawrence and Wishart
  • Snowden, Philip MP n. d. Socialism and Syndicalism. Collins
  • Stewart, Gordon 1953 The cloak and dollar war Lawrence and Wishart
  • The Marxist Quarterly 1954-7 Vols 1-3 [1954-6] are complete; Vol 4 [1957] no. 1 only. Lawrence and Wishart
  • The Modern Quarterly Miscellany. n.d. Editor Dr John Lewis.
    Lawrence and Wishart. No. 1
  • The Modern Quarterly: New Series 1945-52 Editor Dr John Lewis Lawrence and Wishart. Vol 1 (3-4 only); Vols 2-7 complete.
  • TUC 1947 A short history of British trade unions: a TUC study pamphlet.
    Trades Union Congress.
  • Wallace, Betty 1945World labour comes of age Lawrence and Wishart
  • Wintringham T H 1935 [1936 ed.] The coming world war  Lawrence and Wishart
  • Wintringham T H 1935 The coming world war  Wishart Books
  • Wintringham, Tom 1939 How to reform the army Fact 25 Lawrence and Wishart
  • Woddis, Jack n.d. Under the red duster: a study of Britain’s merchant navy. Senior Press