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“China’s path to modernisation is fundamentally different from the path pursued in former eras by countries in Western Europe, the US and Japan. It is a path towards common prosperity for all...", states Keith Bennett in an interview by People's Daily.

“China’s modernization is directed toward common prosperity for all”

23 May, 2023

This article originated in an interview conducted by People’s Daily London correspondent Xing Xue on 20 January 2023, which was written up by Keith Bennett in the form of an article submitted on 5 February 2023. The People’s Daily article is an abridged version of that article.


Full text of the article submitted on 5 February 2023 (English).

Text published on the website of Friends of Socialist China. With comment.

Text of the article published in abbreviated form in People’s Daily on 29 May 2023. Chinese. English translation.


Text of the article as published in People’s Daily (English translation). View.

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